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We believe that agriculture should be empowered by Youth, our CocoJack Heroes consist of young energetic Malaysian youth from various background to serve in maintaining our food security. We are the front-liner of food producer in Malaysia.

Our selected heroes will get exposure to modern agriculture technology by attending our short and compact 6 days 5 night at our training centre. This bootcamp consist exposure and knowledge learning about Hydroponic (Fertigation & NFT), Conventional Farming, Agro Business Model Canvas, Pitching Session and Practical session at our strategic partner farm.

The session will be held in series, and each series will consist of around 25 selected participants. 5 the luckiest participants from each session will be selected to undergo special 6 months real agropreneur training practical session at our strategic farm. At the end of the session, they will be offered to join our big family as to start kick off the real project for contract base period.

But, don’t worry unselected participants will be assisted by our farming solution to monitor and keep in touch about their own project. Therefore, youth from various part from Malaysia can apply to join our initiative. You just need to fill up online application below…

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